Online Devotional Java 48:  About Confronting Someone of Sin

java 48 confronting sin

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Your online barista here with another java devotion about confronting someone of sin.  But this devotion is about confrontation that is constructive and able to restore a broken relationship.  Now, most people don’t put confrontation and restoration together.  But that’s exactly what this java devotion does.

Now, this does not assume that this is going to be easy nor will it be comfortable.  But we have to do it, because it’s inevitable that relationships will break.  And so, we have to confront someone of his/her sin.  Some situations turn out well while others end in disaster.  Some situations lead to a stronger relationship while others lead to a broken relationship.

So, what is the proper way of confronting others of their sin that leads to restoration, especially when the other person has sinned against you?

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