Online Devotions Java 21: The Mother’s Wisdom – The Way She Teaches Her Kids


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Welcome to “Java For Life.”  I am your online barista, Pastor Tae.  Allow me to fix you a devotional drink.  Today’s cup is about is about the mother’s wisdom. A mother’s wisdom are the good words she speaks to her children. 

Now, we all know that mothers have a lot to say!
And indeed, her words come from many different sources, all of which can have some value. These include her intuition, her common sense, her mother_child_talkingown life experience, from what her mother taught her, what her friends shared with her, even what she learned from TV talk shows! There are many sources for the mother’s wisdom.

Proverbs 31:26 tells of another source of her wisdom, saying, “She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” To understand the intention of this verse, we need to look at it’s poetic form as the book of Proverbs was written as poetry. To keep it simple, the first line is parallel to the second line with the second line, pretty much saying the same thing. The first line, “she speaks with wisdom,” is parallel to the second line, “faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Therefore, wisdom is parallel to or has the same meaning as faithful instruction.
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